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There shall be two (2) classes of voting membership on the Board of Directors designated as USERS and NON-USERS.

A. USER Board Members: User members are those representatives of the patient population served by BCHC. and who are selected/elected in accordance with the adopted procedures. One of the user members will be an individual who is served by BCHC and whose principal occupation within the last 24 months has been agriculture and/or seasonal work (hereafter referred to as special population)

B. NON-USER Board Members: Non-user members are those representatives from any private for-profit community group concerned with business, industry, labor, religion, private welfare, private education. civic. professional. significant minority groups. or other community interest, which does not have a legal function: as well as private non-for-profit community groups such as selected health, social services, or other community agencies and organizations. within Cameron County. who are interested in the health needs of the population. No agency shall hold more than one (1) membership in the Corporation. 

  • The Board of Directors shall be composed of a minimum of eleven (11) up to a maximum of nineteen (19) Board Directors (also referred to as Board members). The number of positions on the Board of Directors may be changed in accordance with federal guidelines by majority vote at any regular or special meeting of the Board of Directors at which a quorum is present.
  • A majority of the Board members (51% or more) shall be individuals who are users of the BCHC (user members). and who as a group. represent the individuals being served in terms of demographic factors such as sex. ethnicity. and age. and who have declared the Brownsville Community Health Center their regular source of primary medical care (See Attachments A and B).
  • The non-user Board members shall constitute fewer than half (less than 50%) of the total membership of the Board of Directors. No more than half (50% or less) of the non-user Board members may be individuals who derive more than 10 percent of their annual income from the health care industry.
  • No person who is an officer or an employee of an organization. other than a governmental agency. contracting to perform a component of a BCHC work program may sit on the Board. No federal employee may serve on the Board in a capacity which will require him to act as an agent for or as an attorney for BCHC in its dealings with any federal agency.
  • A nominee cannot be a recent (within two years) former employee of BCHC.
  • The Executive Director of the Corporation shall be ex-officio, non-voting member of the Board.


Board of Directors Agenda Request Form