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Mano a Mano

History of Mano A Mano
Mano A Mano started as a bi-national effort to deal with a high-incidence of birth-defects in the area in 1993. The main focus of the project was to train lay health workers (promotoras) on health-related issues so that they in-turn could educate their communities

Our Primary Goals:
  • Educate and inform the community about all the dimensions of health to help assure that people will prevent disease or, with the help of  their medical provider, can better manage their disease.
  • Provide emotional and social support to the community through home visits.
  • Help to break down barriers which prevent families from receiving the services needed to maintain good health.
  • Create an “education net” which will extend profoundly into the communities we serve.
Goals and Strategies
  • Train volunteer promotoras
  • Provide health education
  • Help to achieve positive change
  • House to house education
  • Presentations at schools, health centers and low-socioeconomic communities.